Rosslare Security Products, a division of Rosslare Enterprises Ltd., manufactures and markets high-quality security products via its worldwide offices and channel partners. Since 1980, Rosslare has offered high-quality systems for enterprise, small business, and residential applications. Our expansive product range features much more than access control solutions and guard patrol management systems; we also offer applications software – such as License Plate Recognition, Time & Attendance, and DVR/alarm integration

With Rosslare, you receive the best of all worlds: world-class product engineering and design; professional customer service spanning the globe; and the quality and affordability of a vertically integrated and self-owned manufacturing facility. With our three cost-effective product lines – Access Control, Guard Patrol, and Intrusion – partnering with Rosslare Security is the smart decision

AC-215 Advanced Scalable Networked Access Controller


The state-of-the-art single/dual door AC-215 networked access controller is the backbone of medium scale security systems handling up to 5,000 users and 2046 doors. Driven by Rosslare’s powerful, flexible, and easy to use AxTraxNG™ software, the system provides an ideal modular and expandable solution for commercial and institutional needs. It provides seamless integration with Rosslare’s range of RFID Proximity, PIN, PIN & PROX, Smartcard and biometric readers with Rosslare’s selection of RFID credentials.


  • Up to 5000 users with access rights for every panel, across 2046 modular doors in a system
  • 5000 ‘First In First Out’ history event log, when offline
  • Panel supports both 1-door (In/Out) and 2-door (In/Out, In/In or Out/Out) configurations
  • Internal charger for external battery backup
  • Supports PIN-only, PIN & PROX, or PROX-only readers
  • Pre-installed enclosure components:
    • AC-AC power transformer, power supply/charger unit
    • Sounder unit
    • Space for a 7 AH SLA backup battery
    • Tamper switch
  • Rugged, hinged metal enclosure that is lockable and vandal-resistant
  • Real-time clock keeps time for up to 2 weeks without power. No batteries to replace
  • 4-state supervised inputs (resistors included)


  • Based on SQL Express 2005 database
  • Enables management of user data, photo with custom fields, access rights, alarms, strike times, and door modes, from a central location
  • Produces reports from acquired data, such as entry and exit times, and by alarm type with filters for user(s), location, and time
  • Available in a large selection of languages

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