HID Entry Prox

HID Entry prox 4045: Access kontrol satu pintu, EntryProx adalah ideal untuk instalasi kecil, bila digunakan dalam hubungannya dengan sistem on-line, menarik data dari Unit dapat dengan mudah dimodifikasi untuk menjadi pembaca on-line oleh beralih ke mode keluaran Wiegand, yang memungkinkan untuk menghubungkan untuk controller OEM. EntryProx kompatibel dengan semua HID proximity kartu dan keytags

HID ACCESS DOOR Rp.5.745.000,-
-Magnetic Lock 600 Lbs
-Push Button
-Adaptor 12 VDC
-Free kartu proximity 5 pcs
-Instalasi Jakarta
-Garansi : satu (1) tahun
Keterangan : untuk pintu Kaca dengan bukaan satu arah 


HID ACCESS DOOR  Rp.6.231.100,-
-Controller 4045 (PIN, Card, PIN+Card)
-Dropt Bolt Locktronic
-Push Button
-Adaptor 12 VDC
-Free kartu proximity 5 pcs
-Instalasi Jakarta

Keterangan : Cocok untuk pintu Kaca dengan bukaan dua arah (ke luar dan kedalam).



Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, the HID RKLB57 bioCLASS reader provides users with new  options for supporting multi-authentication of identity. Combining contactless card presentation with  a fingerprint biometric, the HID bioCLASS can also be used with personal identification numbers (PIN).


Complete with enrollment software to guide users through the verification process, HID bioCLASS readers offer the highest level of security. Storing the fingerprint template only on the smart card and never transmitting the information to an external host, users benefit from the increased security, faster throughput,  easier system management, lower costs for the biometric reader and reduced concerns over individual privacy. Key Features

Benefits of HID bioCLASS readers include:

-Multi-factor authentication with smart card reader, keypad and fingerprint   verification module
-Three levels of security to choose from: card and PIN; card and fingerprint; card, PIN and fingerprint.
-Fingerprint templates are stored on the HID iCLASS smart card to alleviate privacy and database management concerns
-LCD display provides feedback on user finger placement and defines custom menu keys Includes enrollment software with CP575 unit for writing the biometric template directly to the card.
-Features unique modular design providing a high level of flexibility for a range of applications
-Includes raised tactile mark on the five ("5") key for visually impaired users

Specifications :

    Read Range*
        HID iCLASS Card: Up to 4" (10.2 cm)
        HID iCLASS Key/Tag: Up to 1.25" (3.2 cm)
        8.43" x 4.17" x 2.28" (21.4 x 10.6 x 5.8 cm)
    Power Supply
        270 mA AVG, 328 mA PEAK
    Transmit Frequency
        Wiegand/Clock-and-Data Interface 500ft (150m) (22AWG), RS232 50ft (15m),
        RS485 4000ft (1220m), USB 16ft (4m), UART 1ft (0.30m)
    Card compatibility
        HID iCLASS 15693 & 14443B - read-only on 2k bit (256 Byte), 16k bit
        (2k Byte), 32k bit (4k Byte); Application Space
        Warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.
        (See complete warranty policy for details.)


HID Prox Poin Plus

HID Prox Pro

HID Prox Pro with KeyPad